10 tips for looking good and feeling good!

It’s time to celebrate! The seemingly endless winter is behind us and you can finally get out of the apartment and into the fresh air to enjoy the sun. Spring also brings back the good mood and motivation that one has been looking for in the past few months. And that’s just one reason to celebrate, because if the last year has taught us one thing, it is that you should celebrate yourself every day. Now you might be wondering: But how does it work? And what exactly should I celebrate? We’ll give you 10 tips on how to make your life feel like a small party every day.

1. Enjoy the 1st working day

Yes, work is sometimes annoying, but to be honest, we all feel that way from time to time. And what helps best in a Monday morning mood is a good coffee, seeing your colleagues (virtually) and the thought that work can also be fun. Structured work is not only more effective, but also has a positive effect on the mood. Because even the most creative mind needs a plan so that he can keep track of things. Two things are particularly important in stressful day-to-day work: prioritize and allow for buffer time. If you do five things at the same time, you may not finish any satisfactorily at the end of the day. It also helps to keep in touch with colleagues. If you work from the home office, make an appointment for a walk during a break or make a virtual coffee date. You will see that the work is much easier.

2. Celebrate yourself: try a new look

The season is crying out for a new look. Away with the winter fur! Now that the first hair salons are reopening, it’s time for a new haircut! If you prefer to keep your hairstyle, you should at least experiment with different hairstyles.

No time for that? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! With Batiste dry shampoo there are no more excuses, because there is a savior in an emergency for every hair need. If your hair is no longer in its best shape and you don’t have time for the full wash program, Batiste dry shampoo freshens up your hair with a gentle breeze in a few seconds. Simply spray on from a distance of 30 centimeters from the scalp, let it work in briefly, massage in and you have a fresh approach.

With its powder particles, Batiste dry shampoo not only eliminates excess oil and sebum in the hair, but also conjures up the natural volume. So perfect for those who suffer from spaghetti hair and a flat neck. If you haven’t got a hairdresser appointment yet and want to hide your approach, you can use a Batiste dry shampoo from the Color series. They cheat away an unsightly approach and at the same time ensure shine and grip.

True to the motto “New Hair – New Me”, you can underline your new hair look if you experiment a little with make-up. Even small changes such as a trendy eyeliner or a bright lipstick can make a stunning appearance. Not only you, but the others will also celebrate too – guaranteed!

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3. Sun/vitamin D puts you in a good mood

Now you have a look, so show it off too! Need to enjoy the fresh air and soak up the sun. The first rays of sunshine in spring put you in a good mood. It is best to regularly go into the sun for 10 minutes with short sleeves, because the sunlight on the shoulders, décolleté and upper arms activates the production of vitamin D. This is essential for the body! In winter, we often lack it because it cannot be produced by the body itself; it always needs sunlight. Deficiency can lead to depression, tiredness and exhaustion. So replenish your vitamin D stores and enjoy the spring sun. Your body will celebrate and reward you with a large helping of good humor.

4. Do workout/sport

Have you been lying around a bit in the last few months? Then it is high time to move again and not just from the couch to the refrigerator. Half an hour of exercise a day should be included. Regardless of whether you go jogging, do a workout or do a yoga session, you will already feel better during this, because the happiness hormones endorphins and dopamine are released during exercise. So if you exercise regularly, you will be happier in the long term. Those who don’t like sports start with small units and increase from day to day.

Just take a quick shower after a strenuous session, but do not wash your hair? No problem: With Batiste dry shampoo you are quickly fresh again and smell heavenly. When workmates ask, “What do you look like after the sport?”, You have done everything right. One more reason to celebrate!

5. Be more spontaneous

Don’t always try to control everything. Be structured when you work, but also leave some room for development. Those who cycle their weekends without leaving room for spontaneity may mean well, but in the end, they usually cause stress. Let things get closer to you. And let’s be honest: The best things that you will remember for a long time also happen unplanned, right? 

Our tip: Always have a few essentials in your pocket that make you a little more spontaneous in every situation. Lipstick, chewing gum, scarf and dry shampoo belong in every handbag. Now you can celebrate the festivals as they come.

6. Celebrate food

In everyday stress, you often eat something quickly in between or even during work. You should avoid that. You’d better take your time, enjoy your meals and already celebrate the cooking. The best thing to do is to opt for lots of vitamins and fiber, which provide the body with optimal nutrients. But something unhealthy is also allowed in-between times. Then you should really enjoy it and not feel bad about it. By the way: Those who eat consciously and slowly will fill up faster and prevent food cravings. Eating in front of the screen is only allowed in exceptional situations!

7. Set up offline times

I just watched an interesting video on Instagram or TikTok and two hours have passed. And ten messages pop up on the mobile phone display during the movie night. How much time is wasted online is shockingly apparent when you look at screen time. Set limits and offline times when the smartphone is in flight mode and instead of hanging on the phone, read a newspaper, a book or watch a film without interruption. 

8. Set small goals and celebrate successes

Whatever your goals, be it to lose weight, eat healthier, complete a project or start a new one, set small goals and work towards them. The method of thinking in different steps has proven itself: What do I want to achieve today? What in the next few days? What this month? Every time you have achieved a small goal, you should celebrate that achievement too. So you always keep your goal in mind and stay motivated. Let others participate in your success; that will encourage you!

9. Make mood board

If you have a larger goal or even several that keep you busy for a longer period of time, it is worth making a so-called mood board. Try to capture your goals visually. What should your life look like? What inspires you? Look for pictures on Pinterest and Co. that match your project and print them out. Pins everything to a large pin board and hangs it up e.g. B at your workplace. Not only does it look pretty, it literally reminds you of where your journey should go.

10. Change of scenery

Speaking of travel: Is it time for a change of scenery or not? If you don’t actually want to change your wallpaper, you can add a little bit of furniture to your home for a change. If you change places in the home office, you might come up with other ideas. Incidentally, in your free time it is also worth driving out of your own neighborhood and going on a day trip. Even in your own city, there is usually always a spot that you have never been to. Our tip: Take some snacks and drinks with you and celebrate your city, nature, or just that spring is coming!

Those who celebrate their lives certainly have incredible charisma and can even infect others around them with a party mood and motivation. And that’s a thing that one is all too happy to pass on. Let’s celebrate together!

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