Benefits Of Clementine Essential Oil: Top 10 Fantastic Uses

When do we hear about clementine essential oil, the first thing that pops up into our mind that what is clementine essential oil?

Clementine essential oil mainly came from the fruit’s peel of part. Clementine’s are juicier and sweater enough. It is a hybrid of mandarin & oranges and has a thin consistency with a sweet aroma.

What is the origin of clementine essential oil: 

There are various types of history about Clementine Orange. Some say in 1800’s it was discovered by Father Clement Rodier in Algeria on the grounds of an orphanage. Others say this fruit was discovered by brother Marie-Clement in the 9th century in Algeria. This fruit is very popular in the U.S in 1900’s & it also grew in California.

Clementine is actually a hybrid fruit. It is a hybrid of sweet orange and mandarin orange. It is also known as a ‘Christmas Orange’ because of their growing season. It only lasts from November to January.

Chemistry of Clementine Essential Oils: 

The main ingredients of Clementine Essential Oil are Limonene, Linalool, Citronellal & Geranial. It’s mainly composed of limonene. In this oil monoterpene hydrocarbon present in significant quantities. Clementine fruit offers a wonderful exotic sweet orange aroma.

The Producing procedure of clementine oil: 

Firstly Clementine fruits were collected between October & April from different local markets. Then the healthy & mature fruits were washed carefully with tap water to remove dust. Then the rind of the fruits were removed & cut into small pieces. After properly washing & cutting, 50g peels were weighted & added into a blender cup which containing 200ml of distilled water. Then the process Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry analysis starts.

The essential oil compositions of these citrus varieties were analyzed by Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. The main components of extracted oils were determined to be α-pinene, sabinene, β-pinen, β-myrcene, d-limonene, linalool, m-cymene, and 4-terpineol. All of the essential oils were investigated for activity against the microorganisms E. coli, B. cereus, S. aureus, S. typhimurium, L. monocytogenes, and E. faecalis, using a disc diffusion method. The essential oil from Blood orange showed the highest antimicrobial activity on all these bacteria. So this is the whole process. In short, we can say that Clementine essential oil is made from the peel of part of the fruit. The bright yellow oil is extracted through a cold-pressed method.

Why people use clementine essential oil: 

Clementine essential oil is antiseptic, antioxidant, digestive, sedative. It is an excellent addition to cosmetic application & personal care formulation. So people used it for various purposes. This oil has anti-aging effects. It’s rich in vitamin C, flavonoids & powerful antioxidants that can heal damaged skin cells. It also has the ability to renew skin complexion & stimulate the growth of new skin cells. If we have pigmentation problem, acne scars & other blemishes, this oil helps us from all those problems & protect our complexion. By using this oil, it can help us to boost our circulation & blood flow which leave our skin brighter & more radiant.

Ten amazing use of clementine essential oil:

  1.  Clementine essential oil is rich in vitamin C, so it helps to boost the immune system.
  2. With the help of this oil, we can fight against insomnia.
  3. Clementine essential oil promotes skin, recovery & healing.
  4. It also encourages youthful skin appearance & maintaining a healthy complexion.
  5. It helps in maintaining a healthy body.
  6. Clementine essential oil helps in fight against depression & reduce stress.
  7. This oil can reduce cardiovascular disease risk.
  8. Constipation problems could be solved by Clementine essential oil.
  9. It also prevents signs of aging.
  10. Clementine essential oil stimulates collagen production.

Advantage of using clementine essential oil:

Clementine essential oil helps to promote the growth of new skin also helps us to improve our skin complexion. It Promotes healthy circulations. Detoxifying effects are also this oil specialty. It helps us to purify blood & reduce the possibility of various disorders like acne or arthritis. Clementine essential oil is one of the best oil in calming anxiety, insomnia.

This oil supports the Sacral Chakra associated with the emotions & the Heart Chakra associated with love & relationships. This oil protects against free radical damage & signs of aging. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect. If anyone uses this oil regularly, it can help relieve pain and swelling.


In general, clementine essential oil is a healthy choice, but those who have an allergic reaction to citrus need to avoid the use of this oil. We also cannot use clementine essential oil in exposing skin and go to direct sunlight because it may cause a skin reaction. We need to use it with caution in the sun. We can’t use it in broken skin. Without consulting a physician, we cannot use this oil internally.

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Although in clementine essential oil, there is no known side effect, allergic reaction or overuse can cause any potential skin reaction. But it can be phototoxic, so the user needs to avoid sun exposure after using clementine essential oil. So we can see that there are lots of positive side of using clementine essential oil. It’s good for your health, your skin, your nerve system & whatnot.

Clearly, we can say that everyone should use clementine essential oil.



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