Does Water Make Your Hair Grow? 10 Ways To Grow Hair Fast

Drink lots of water & make your hair happy!!! Sounds funny??? Right!!! But this is the reality. You believe it or not, dehydration dries out your hair follicles & causes unwanted breakage. & then dry scalp makes itching & dandruff to your best friend. So the question, does water make your hair grow? To know about it more precisely, we need to go through this bellow details.

Why you need to drink water for your hair

Who does not want fuller and naturally voluminous hair? For that dreamy natural full hair, you don’t need all those fancy supplies. All you need is just hydrated your hair cell. 

We all know that our body is composed of 60-80% water. On day today’s regular work we lose 2 or 3 quarters of water. So it has a chance to become dehydrated if we don’t take a sufficient amount of water to maintain the water level of the body. Water is the main source of energy level for every single cell of our body.

If the body felt dehydration, it directly affects hair development. Water hydrates hair follicles & encourages hair growth. So drinking more & more water is very important to maintain a healthy scalp & for a healthy-looking voluminous, shiny hair.

Benefits of Water for Hair Growth: 

The importance of little H2O for your hair growth is more than any other hair supply, yet it is inexpensive. Accept it, or not hair development directly depends on water. Let’s see some benefits of water in hair growth:

1) Water hydrate our hair follicles, which prevent hair scalp from dries out.

2) Vitamins & essential nutrition’s for hair transferred through water.

3) Dehydrations make our hair frizzy, dry & weak. By drinking lots of water, we can prevent this problem.

4) Hair scalp has photosensitive & energy-sensitive nerve endings. Water activates all these nerve endings for hair development.

5) Hydrated hair cell maintains the level of hair keratin, which increases the hair volume & makes your hair shiny & healthy.

6) The key to generating new cells is water. Drinking lots of water improve hair growth.

7) Dandruff makes hair growth slow & makes your hair-thin. So to prevent this problem, you have to intake lots & lots of water.

How to avoid hair loss

Hair loss is a nightmare for everyone. Nobody wants a bald head or thin hair. Sometimes dehydration leads to hair fall, which causes bald spots or makes your hair-thin. Hair cells need to remain hydrated to develop hair growth. Water provides vitamins & nutrition to hair roots for the growth of healthy, shiny hair.

Hard water is a common cause of excessive hair fall. Cause hard water to have an excessive amount of calcium and magnesium, which leads to dandruff, dryness, and hair loss. So we need to avoid using hard water to prevent hair fall. We also need to drink 8 to 10 glass of water every single day to avoid dehydration.

10 Ways Water Makes Your Hair Grow: 

As our body made up of 60 to 80% water, so drinking a sufficient amount of water makes our body functioned adequately. Let’s see some ways how water can make your hair grow:

1) Firstly we all know that drinking water can hydrate our hair cell. Hydrated hair cell boost hair growth.

2) Drinking a sufficient amount of water can prevent hair split end. When you have split end hair, it causes hair growth slow. So you need to take enough water to prevent split end.

3) Dandruff can cause hair growth slow. Hydrated scalp prevents the dandruff problem.

4) Drinking plenty of water maintains hair breakage & healthy nerve ending, which improve healthy hair growth.

5) Water contains lots of nutrients, so drinking lots of water is the easiest way to get all those nutrients to boost our hair growth. 

6) Water helps to restore your voluminous natural hair from thin hair.

7) Drinking lots of water can prevent hair from dryness & become brittle. Brittle hair causes a halt to hair growth.

8) Drinking at least two littler of water will increase your hair growth & help the strength of hair.

9) Water is the root source of energy, which is responsible for healthy hair growth.

10) By drinking water, you are detoxing your hair & flush lousy stuff, which improves hair growth.

Does rice water make your hair grow 

Rice waters are rich in vitamins & minerals. It also contains amino acids & antioxidants. Rice waters are the treasure of nutrients that repair the damaged hair cells & boost hair growth. The antioxidant properties of rice water help to get rid of toxins from the scalp, which helps to prevent gray hair coming early. 

Does Rice Water Make Your Hair Grow

• Benefits Of Rice Water For Hair

1) Rice water improves hair growth. Rice water contains an amino acid, which helps to decrease hair fall & faster hair growth. 

2) Rice water helps to reduce split ends. For that, we need to soak our hair split end 15 to 20 min in rice water.

3) We can use rice water instead of a hair conditioner. Rice water improves hair texture & makes our hair smooth & shiny.

4) Rice water contains carbohydrate property call inositol, which repairs damaged hair & also makes a shield around your hair from further damage.

5) Rice water also cures dandruff & helps to remove lice.

• Methods Of Preparing Rice Water: 

There are three types of rice water we can use for hair. They are:

1) Soaked rice water: Take 1 cup of rice. Rinse it thoroughly. Now add 2/3 glass of water in it. Then leave it for 30min. Then in a clean bowl, strain the rice water.

2) Boiled rice water: Take 1 cup of rice. Fill it with 1/2 cup of water. Then cook it for some time. Now strain it in a clean bowl for use.

3) Fermented rice water: Take 1/2 cup of rice. Add 2/3 cups of water. Then move it into a jar & seal it for 2/3 days. When a sour smell appeared, stop the fermentation, strain it & put the rice water jar into the fridge. 

• Side Effects of Rice Water on Hair: 

Rice water has lots of protein in it, which causes dry scalp. So women with dry scalp should not overuse it. You can use it once/ twice a week. Long time fermented water is also not good for hair. It causes your hair smells pungent & makes your hair dry & stiff.

More FAQ:

1. Should you put water on your hair every day?

It depends on the hair scalp type. If you have a dry scalp, then putting water in your hair every day, then it may cause dry & itchy scalp. Washing your hair every is not good cause it tends to lose moisture of hair scalp & cause damage to hair.

2. What if you don’t drink enough?

If you don’t drink enough water, then your body became dehydrated. For dehydration, the first thing that suffers is your hair. It became dry & brittle. Dry scalp cause dandruff & make your hair frizzy.

3. Can drinking hot water cause hair loss?

No drinking hot water can’t cause hair loss. Instead of drinking hot water, boost blood circulation, which necessary for hair growth.

4. Does drinking enough water boost hair growth?

Of course, we are drinking enough water to boost our hair growth. Water hydrated hair scalp & it helps to grow hair more durable and long. 

5. Is it true that rice water can grow my natural hair long?

Rice water is full of vitamins, protein, amino acid & antioxidants. All these properties boost hair growth. So it is true that rice water can grow hair long.

6. Does drinking water help thicken hair?

Yes, drinking water helps thicken hair. Drinking lots of water improve hair development. It prevents hair scalp from drying out. As for drinking water, hydrate hair cells & water transfer all vitamins & nutrients to the hair, it became more healthy and thicken.

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So do you have this question on your mind now: “does water make your hair grow?” no right!! We all know it very well now; water brings multiple benefits for our hair. No matter what, drinking lots of water makes so much difference in hair health. For a shiny, healthy good looking, all you need to do is drink as much as water you can. 

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