Eyebrow Design in Microblading Process: How it Works

Between the 18th and 19th centuries, the art of tattooing in Japan is experiencing a renaissance with the advent of Tebori. Later, this technique will be used in modern makeup, so check out microblading, a method to satisfy those who want to have flawless eyebrows.

How does Microblading work for Eyebrow Design?

To understand this eyebrow pigmentation, you have to go through the Tebori tattoo technique, which is not really similar to other styles. To do this, you have to repeatedly prick the person’s skin on the dermis with very fine needles. But that’s not all; the success of this art also depends on the action of pressing on the skin with a second hand.

As for microblading, it is a half-permanent makeup that is used to rearrange eyebrow hairs one by one. The aim of this treatment is to have a shading effect that would make the person look better. Thanks to the very fine needles, healing occurs quickly to offer a more natural result.

To achieve this art, we use a device called a metal pen with a specific makeup component for a 3D look. The pigments injected into the epidermis are inorganic and come from mineral matter. This means that the product used is hypoallergenic and reduces the risk of allergy after the procedure.

The fineness of the cut is such that the result is difficult to spot, and the needles only slide. In this sense, the artist will only have to apply very light pressure. For those who have seen the technique of micro-pigmentation of the eyebrows, this technique is more successful and allows to arrange the hairs already present. One can, among other things, give thickness but also make the still existing hairs darker.

The advantages of Microblading

There are many advantages of this makeup technique, and we quickly understand why it is so important in the world of beauty.

The most striking point undoubtedly rests on the smoothness of the art in itself, which offers very visible features without presenting any leaks. And if it was necessary to work the hair one by one, microblading remains the most satisfactory to give compactness to the whole.

In addition to its easy realization, it also allows accelerated healing compared to other practices. Moreover, the use of very small needles makes the procedure less painful, even if this part of the face is very sensitive.

In terms of the equipment used, those needed for microblading are worth less than those used for machine tattoos. The metal pen that we use is very robust, which gives the whole a longer life. In addition, its handling does not require a power outlet or electricity. You will understand, everything is done manually.

For those who want to have an eyebrow tattoo, microblading is the technique that offers the best result at a lower cost.

The duration and number of sessions

Although it is relatively simple to accomplish for professionals, it is necessary to take into account the time of realization of this intervention. Indeed, it will take an average of 120 minutes of practice to finalize the work, which may concern several points.

This will depend on the condition of the initial eyebrow as well as on the process necessary for a successful delivery.

You should also know that the person must come back 28 days later after their first session. The second appointment will be dedicated to the touch-up that may be necessary once the skin has healed. It will be a question of perfecting poorly defined areas that are not visible until a month later.

The duration of visibility of microblading

Since this is not permanent eyebrow makeup, be aware that it will wear off over time. This period of use is between 8 and 12 months, depending on the type of skin of the person and the treatment he is following. Beyond this period of time, the pigment present under the epidermis will begin to disappear before being completely erased.

Before starting to do microblading again, it is recommended to seek the advice of a professional in the field. For example, he can say whether to wait for all of the pigment to leave before intervening or not. He will also be able to recommend the ideal time to pass the course.

Interviews to be carried out after microblading

As with a classic eyebrow tattoo, this process needs to be accompanied by care after the procedure is finished. This is recommended to obtain a good result as well as a better duration of visibility of the microblading .

Only 60 minutes after the session, you have to take a look at the sensation around your eyes. If you really feel a feeling of discomfort around the eyes, it is essential to contact the caregiver. By describing the symptoms to him, he will be able to know what to do to calm the discomfort.

Two hours after finalizing the eyebrow makeup, it is strictly forbidden to let the eyebrow come into contact with water. Knowing that the pigment is not yet perfectly fixed could spoil the entire procedure.

For five days after the treatment, a large amount of moisturizer should be applied to the eyebrow. This is done to prevent scabs from forming on the area, which could further hinder the success of microblading. Avoid using baby oil or similar products that contain petroleum.

By following these guidelines, the result will be most satisfying, and you will be delighted to look at yourself through a magnifying mirror or similar accessory. 

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