10 Awesome Nail Designs For Women: Easy Nail Art At Home

Hello there!!! Today we are going to take you on a short tour, which is all about some awesome nail designs for women that you can apply in your day to day life. From teenagers to celebrities who don’t want to make their nail look awesome, so everyone got amazed just by their nail appearance. Now almost every star is concern about their nail designs. They use ombre fades, glitters, fresh graphics, abstract designs & so on. So if you are thinking about to amazed everyone by your nail design, you might need to read further sections.

How to make the awesome nails design: 

So before we jump into the process of making awesome nail designs, you need to know that you should take proper care of your nail. If you have broken, discolored, or ratty-looking fingernails, how could you just design on it? You must have to maintain proper hygiene, proper healthy eating habits to gain an attractive, healthy nail.

If you have a pretty nail design that resembles icing on the cake on your personality. There are thousands of ways to make some awesome designs on your nails. So let’s jump into it:

For making some nail designs on your pin, all you need the products are in the following:

  1. A base coat
  2. A top coat
  3. Some colorful nail polish
  4. Some nail art brushes, or tools

1st apply a base coat on your clean nail to protect your nail from any damaging or brittle. Basecoat usually comes in a bright or bluish color. Basecoat gives your pin a more lavish look & even texture.

2nd thing you need to do is apply any bright, colorful nail polish to your nail that goes with your personality & let them dry.

Now it’s time to play with nail tools & make some awesome designs. It’s not necessary to go parlor always to do some attractive design. You can do it at home easily. Use some thin brush or toothpick, make some polka dots or flowers, or make some spikes. You can also write some words or just draw some paws. Draw anything that comes in your imaginations.

With a nail polish remover clean around the nail. Then apply a top coat to seal everything properly. So here is how you can make your personality more charming with your awesome nail designs.

Ten most popular nail designs for women

1. Design for Short Nail:

Everyone just can’t handle long nails, especially housewives who need to do lots of household chores, office going peoples. So are they not allowed to do some fancy nail design? Of course, they do. There are lots of cute, stylish decorative short nail designs like french manicure, leopard print, various types of patterns like star, square, dots, colorful flame, smiley face, Mickey Mouse face, etc.

Design For Short Nail

2. Acrylic nails designs


Acrylic nails are a mixer of powder and liquid monomer. It makes your manicure last longer. But you need to maintain it correctly; otherwise, it causes harm to your nail. It’s better to do acrylic nail design under trained & professional nail artists.

3. How to do gel nails

Gel nails have now become the hottest nail trend. Gel nails don’t produce that much damage at nails as acrylic nails. 1st apply gel polish base coat then cure in the UV lamp for 120sec. Then use a skinny layer of gel polish color & place your hand under the UV lamp again for 1 min.

gel nail design

Then apply the 2nd & 3rd layer according to your wish and use the UV lamp for 1 / 2 min. Then Use the gel polish top coat and put your hand under the UV lamp for 2min. Now in rubbing alcohol, soak a cotton pad & rub each nail & it’s all done. One thing you must remember that 1st time it’s not going to be perfect. You need to practice more & more for getting those perfect gel nails.

4. Easy nail designs for long nails

Cool colorful designs on long nails are the dream of everyone. But everyone can’t keep long nails because of brittle, damaged & unhealthy nail. However, by proper maintenance, you can get long nails & do lots of fancy stylish nail designs.

long nail design

The most enjoyable part of having a long pin is that you can design on it however you want. Like you can add some gems on it, or make any kind of patterns, or make a carton face with the body because you have that much spaceman 😀 ok, I just add some easy nail design for you guys.

5. Nail designs for summer

While talking about summer, all the bright color pops in our mind like yellow, green, red, pink, etc. In summer, you can try all those eye-catching colors for doing your nail designs. You can draw some fruits on your nail like cherry, pineapple, watermelon. It goes with summer. You can also do some colorful french manicure. Or draw sun, flame, or some beautiful bright flower.

summer nail design

6. Add a jewel or sticker to your nail:

sticker nails design

It’s a hot trend to add a jewel or label in your nail. Whenever you add some gem, sticker in your dull same color nail polish, it’s changing its look dramatically. It adds extra shine to your nail. You need glue or gel & tweezers to put jewel or sticker in your nail

7. Newspaper Nails:

Newspaper nail design sounds fun right!!! To do it, all you need is just some small pieces of paper, some light color nail polish, 70% rubbing alcohol & scissor. 1st cut newspaper according to your nail shape.

newspaper nail design

Then put some light color on your nail & dry it. Then pour a little amount of rubbing alcohol into a small glass or container & dip the small piece of newspaper into it. Then press the newspaper into your nail for 30 sec, so it left the text on your nail after a peel of the paper. & viola, you get newspaper print design on your nail.

8. Two-tone nail art designs:

Two-toned nail design is the most original nail design on earth, you bet. All you need just two different color nail polish & tape. You can do it horizontally or vertically or do it in angle shape also.

two tone nail design

9. Try gradient (Ombre) nails

Ombre effect on nails looks better when you do it with the same color family as in blue, and you can choose light blue, medium blue & dark blue. So for doing the ombre effect, you need a makeup sponge.

ombre nails

After applying the base coat 1st, you need to put one line of light color on the sponge then medium color after light line then dark color after medium-chain. Then put this sponge in your nail to create the ombre look. Let it be dry. Then apply the top coat to make it look shinier.

10. Wire-work

Wire design on nails is now the latest trend in the fashion world. & it’s good to do it in under professional nail artists for an attractive result. If you want to do it at home, you need lots of practice. Now the question how to do wire design on nails?

wire work on nails

So for doing this design, all you need is just some thin golden or silver color wire, round-nose pliers, some nails glue, base coat, top coat, & your desire color nail polish. 1st you need to bend your wire in the shape you wanted. Then cut it & make sure it has a smooth edge.

Then apply a base coat on your nail. Then let it dry. After that, apply nail polish & put some nail glue on the wire & press the wire into it. Then apply the topcoat & let it dry.

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What is the difference between gel and acrylic nails design? 

Acrylic & gel both are fake nails place over your natural nail. When someone wants a longer & more durable nail, either they can go for acrylic or gel fake nails.

  • Acrylic nails are usually a mixer of liquid & powder monomer. It seems like dough. With a brush, it spread over your nail & then air-dried.
  • Gel nail polish is a type of methacrylate polymer. It is kind of similar to traditional nail polish but does not dry, but instead, it needs to cure under the UV lamp.
  • Acrylic nails are cheaper than gel nails. Gel nails vary from 25$ to 60$ depending on the manicure.
  • Acrylic nails last longer than gel nails. Gel nail lasts for almost 14 days.
  • Curing time acrylic nails are slower. Gel nails heal fast as after applying, it needs to go under UV lamp for curing.
  • There would be a mild chance of infection if acrylic nails applied incorrectly. It causes damage to your natural nails. Gel nails can also cause damage if they used incorrectly. In both ways, you need to get a professional touch for damage-free healthy nails.

What are some beginners nail art designs to do at home? 

A student or a homemaker can’t go to parlor & manicure or nail art every time they want. Who doesn’t want a decent manicure, but most of us can’t effort that much money or time into it. So nobody said you couldn’t DIY in your home. So let’s dig into some beginner’s nail art design you must try at your home.

One of the most comfortable designs that come first in anyone’s mind is polka dot design. Anyone can do it. All you need is just some colorful nail polish & a dotting tool or toothpick. 1st paint your nail with a base coat then apply any color nail polish you want. Then dig the dotting tool or toothpick into another bright color nail polish and make round dot on your nail. You can add various types of the color dot on white, black, red, or any plain color nail polish.

Various types of pattern designs can be quickly done just with some nail art strips. Put some nail strip according to your desired design like you can put it vertically 2/3 lines. Or make some square design with the piece. Then apply 2/3 different colors & gently peel off the strips. Now use the topcoat.

You can do some floral/ leopard design in nail easily with the help of some thin brushes. With a small brush, you can draw anything you want like a smiley face, maybe some fruits, sun or moon, etc.

How to take care of nails

With a broken, discolored, unhealthy type of nails, will you feel comfortable just randomly shaking hands with others? No, right!!! Having a healthy nail isn’t just about feeling pretty sometimes; it’s about self-confidence or making a good impression on someone.

So, of course, you can go to the parlor and do manicure once/twice a month, but that’s not the only option you see. All you need to is practicing these few simple habits & Viola!! You have strong and healthy, shiny nails.

  • 1st thing you need to do is keep your nails dry & clean. Whenever you do the household chores like washing dishes or washing your clothes, protect your fingernails with gloves. It ensures that your nails are clean and dirt-free. Always try to use a toothbrush and scrub gently around nails to remove dirt or dead skin cells.
  • 2nd thing you need to do is leave your cuticles alone. You have to avoid the temptation of biting around your nail. These cuticles are very important for your nail because it seals the area at the base of the nail. It prevents bacteria & germs from entering in nails. If you cut them, it can lead to painful infections. If your cuticles bothering you, just use some moisturizer and push them back with a cuticle pusher.
  • 3rd: For keeping a right looking healthy nail, you need to maintain proper hygiene & use an appropriate moisturizer. After every wash, you have to use a moisturizer to nourish your cuticles and hydrate them.
  • 4th: you need to trim your nail regularly. Short nails are more natural to clean. It’s better to decorate your nail when they are wet. And also, try to keep a nail file with you always. Using a nail file helps you to smooth out the sharp edge
  • 5th: If possible, try to avoid harsh polish, gel & acrylics entirely. Because it has a harmful chemical that harms the skin around your nail & makes your nail rough, before applying any nail polish, you better use some base coat. It makes a protective layer on your nails
  • 6th: A healthy diet is very much crucial for healthy-looking nails. So you need to maintain a proper fit diet chart which contains protein, zinc, calcium & vitamin A & C.


Q. Will a nail salon paint my natural nails? 

A. Of course, why not! Every nail salon has a nail paint service. All you need to do is just pay them & tell them what kind of design you want for your nails.

Q. What is the most popular nail style?

A. There are lots of popular nail styles. You can’t just choose one! Like french manicure comes in lots of varieties. It comes in a lot of styles like rainbow french, glittery french, jewel french, etc. Then also polka dots are very much popular & one of the most accessible design.

Q. What’s trending in nails 2020?

A. Trends come & go, but some trends will always remain the same. These are some trending nails for 2020: Metallic Ombre Negative space Updated french manicure Nude Matte Zigzag nails Animal print, Marble effects Jewels nail.

Q. What are the best pink and white gel nail designs? 

A. You can use pink & white gel nails for various types of design. The best one is you can use white as a surface & pink dots on it or pink as surface & white dot on it. OR do some ombre effect with it. Or apply the pink one as surface and do a french manicure with a white one.

Q. What are some nail art ideas for the ring finger? 

A. If you design your ring fingernail slightly differently, then it looks much more attractive. You can add dull color to other nails & put a flower design in ring fingernails. Or add some jewel in your fingernail to look different from other pins.

Q. What happens if you use nail polish over gel nails?

A. Nothing will happen. Gel polishes are very hard to remove with regular nail polish remover. So you can use any color regular nail polish over gel nails.


So, in the world of nail design, there are thousands of awesome nail design ideas we can try. This world became more & more innovative and creative. You just need to draw your dream design real on your nail & surprised everyone every day. But all you need to remind in your memory that for a healthy & clean looking nail, you must practice good hygiene.

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