5 Steps for the epic morning routine you can try

We all look a bit tired and tousled when we look in the mirror after getting up. But it doesn’t matter, because we have put together a wonderful morning routine that doesn’t take long and …

epic morning routine

We all look a bit tired and tousled when we look in the mirror after getting up. But it doesn’t matter, because we have put together a wonderful morning routine that doesn’t take long and ensures good feelings and a fresh look!

A tip in advance: Even if we all love our smartphone, we shouldn’t pick it up between waking up and point four of our routine. In the fifth step it comes back into play. The latest news and Instagram stories don’t run away and a little digital pause at the start of the day calms and increases concentration.

Ready? Here we go!

1. Woman, carpet, morning: 4-minute meditation

Hands up, who immediately thinks of office to-dos, shopping lists or childcare organization after getting up? Well, a day has to be planned. But always hurrying ahead of the moment is not good. Therefore, it is best to do a little mindfulness exercise immediately after getting up. Open the window, sit comfortably on the carpet, close your eyes, take a deep breath and listen to yourself. 

How my body is, What am I feeling right now? Just trace these questions and be in the now. Just “wife, carpet, tomorrow” – and nothing else. Should other thoughts arise, let them flow through. After four minutes, inhale again very deeply and exhale with a delightful sigh. Of course, the exercise also works on the sofa, if someone likes it more comfortably.

2. Thankful for …: A mini ritual

Most have heard of gratitude diaries. Nice practice. Because if you regularly write down what is good in your life, you focus on it and are in a more positive mood. And no, you don’t need a fancy journal, in-depth observations or long descriptions. Simply lay out a simple pad and briefly write down three things for which you are grateful. For example: the sun outside, a walk with a friend, a cozy home. Or the delicious muesli that is available for breakfast, the nice phone call with your parents yesterday, the (virtual) yoga class the next evening or …

3. Good for the face: The 2 most important tips

Our beauty routines are as individual as we are – especially when it comes to our face. They should only have in common the basic sequence (first mild cleaning, then appropriate care) and these two points. The first: sun protection! Yes, heard often. But always implemented? It is so easy, thanks to beautiful serums and fine creams that have integrated the sun protection factor. 

Because the sun is one of the most important factors in skin aging, it is doing something really good for you. Second point: Don’t forget your neck and décolleté: The skin there is exposed to environmental influences in the same way as the face and needs just as much protection – also against the sun. So think about it generously when caring for it.

4. Guaranteed Good Hair Day: Dry Shampoo Trick

Even if you have shorter hair: If you have to wash it in the morning, it can easily take half an hour. And especially when they are actually still okay and just need a little freshness kick, the dry shampoo from Batiste is really an ingenious invention. Because the beauty helper for spraying helps not only in a targeted manner (problematic flat bangs) or in the whole hair by binding excess fat and providing new hold and stand. It is also an excellent styling product that for many has become an indispensable part of the bathroom. With the color dry shampoos from Batiste in the colors dark , blonde and brunette you can even hide a beginning very easily.

The application is also so uncomplicated: Spray from a distance of about 15 cm on the affected area or in parts all over the hair and massage in gently with your hands. Brush through again at the end. If you want to use it primarily for styling and want more volume, you should only apply the dry shampoo to the hairline. If you want to ensure a nice grip and a casual structure in the lengths, only spray here and gently knead the product.

5. Good mood at the push of a button: playlist for the morning

There are plenty of good morning playlists from the various providers. Those who find what they are looking for here are quickly taken care of and, depending on their mood, can choose one that ensures a relaxed flow and a good mood while brushing your teeth, setting the table, showering or whatever is next. But it is also worth taking action yourself and putting together personal mood enhancers. Simply start with a few favorites and then expand as soon as a new hit is fun. Extra tip: A 5-minute dance to your favorite hit is the perfect end to our positive start to the day. You can then shake the perfectly coiffed mane into shape!